Customer-focused marketing and strategy leader that brings product and business innovation, outstanding sales and customer support, and smart revenue growth. Extensive technical and business knowledge, international experience, public speaking experience, entrepreneurial hands-on attitude, and experience at both startup and large tech companies.

3x successful start-up experience
Achieved 10 industry-first solutions
Enabled 4 new market segments
Launched 20+ products to market

Presented at 1–2 conferences annually
Managed websites, events, social media
Managed 6 trade shows, including CES
Integrated 5 acquisitions

RETIRED • Bryan, OH • 2016–present


I worked with companies at the intersection of hardware and software looking to jump-start their revenue and profit – from early-stage startups seeking advice to growth-stage companies needing to fuel additional growth.

SIGMA DESIGNS, INC. • Director Product Marketing • Director Marketing • Fremont, CA • 2001–2013

Reporting directly to the CEO, joined the company to transition it into providing leading software, hardware, and services solutions for consumer electronics and enterprise video markets, including UHDTV, home IoT, IP video, professional video and set-top boxes.

  • Achieved 8 industry-first solutions, offered solutions typically 2 years ahead of competition.
  • Launched 10+ products to market.
  • Enabled 3 new market segments.
  • Secured world-wide tier-1 customers and partners.
  • Integrated 5 acquisitions.

Detailed achievements

  • Proposed Smart TV vision and solution to HDTV manufacturers, triggering Smart TV market.
  • Foresaw merging of set-top box and Smart TV.
  • Achieved first IPTV set-top box solution, enabling IPTV market.
  • First to develop set-top box as HDMI dongle, lowering deployment costs.
  • Demonstrated industry-first gateway – client architecture to lower deployment costs.
  • Realized first media player solution, enabling media players.
  • Initiated first Blu-ray player solution, enabling Blu-ray market.
  • Strategically achieved first high-definition MPEG-2, H.264, and 3DTV solutions.
  • Achieved first DVD player solution with high-definition video output.

Led product marketing and strategy

  • Responsible for product definitions, management, strategy, pricing, ROI, roadmaps.
  • Managed product launches, go to market strategy, market trend and competitive analysis.
  • Initiated many industry-first solutions, establishing company and technical leadership.
  • Created value-based content for marketing and sales collateral (brochures, presentations, videos, etc.).
  • Attended industry standards meetings and managed standards licensing.
  • Presented at numerous events and conferences to position company and product leadership.
  • Trained sales channels on solutions and selling strategies.

Deep technical expertise enabled working easily with engineers and customers

  • Initiated joining standards organizations to ensure products met new standards faster.
  • Contributed to DVB (adding UHDTV and H.265), HDMI Forum (HDMI 2.0), Blu-ray, and DLNA standards.
  • Negotiated video decoder and video transcoder feature and performance requirements.
  • Negotiated video post processing implemented on products.

Also led corporate marketing

  • Responsible for websites, trade shows, events, social media, digital marketing, branding.
  • Integrated 5 acquisitions into the business.
  • Managed value-based content for corporate collateral (brochures, presentations, videos, demos, etc.).
  • Created value-based content for websites, trade shows, events, social media.

Technical expertise in SoCs, set-top boxes (including IPTV, cable, hybrid, OTT, HbbTV), consumer electronics (HDTV, UHDTV, Smart TV, Blu-ray, mobile, media player), OTT services, video streaming (video over IP), video conferencing, digital signage, professional video, audio/video encoding/decoding, and video processing.

Audio knowledge includes MPEG, DTS, and Dolby. Video knowledge includes MPEG-2, H.264, and HEVC/H.265. Broadcast knowledge includes DVB, ATSC, ISDB, DTMB, ISDB-Tb/SBTVD, SCTE, CableLabs, and IPTV. SoC and system interface knowledge includes HDMI, MHL, USB, Ethernet, MIPI, NAND/NOR Flash, DDR3, LVDS, wireless, audio/video interfaces, etc.

INNOVISION CORP. • Director Product Marketing • Cupertino, CA • 1999–2001

Reporting directly to the CEO, this start-up (10 employees) designed and marketed solutions to enable Internet-ready TVs. Company was acquired early 2001.

HARRIS SEMICONDUCTOR • Strategic Marketing Manager • Melbourne, FL • 1996–1999

New “start-up group” of 25 people within the company designed and marketed solutions for the consumer electronics, professional video, and video conferencing markets. Company changed its name to Intersil in 1999 and was later bought by Renesas Electronics.

BROOKTREE CORP. • Product Marketing Manager • Strategic Marketing Manager • San Diego, CA • 1985–1996

This start-up designed and marketed solutions for the computer display, consumer electronics, and professional video markets. A few years after the IPO, the company was bought by Synaptics/Conexant.

Conference Presentations

Local SMPTE meetings, “UHDTV and HEVC/H.265,” 2012–2014. ~75 attendees.

Smart TV Global Summits (Seoul, Korea), 2010–2013. ~600 attendees.

China 3D World International Forums & Exhibitions (Shanghai, China), 2009–2011. ~200 attendees.

Blu-ray Disc Association seminars (Shanghai, China), 2008–2009. ~200 attendees.


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