Keith Jack

Yes, this is one of those rare moments I’m wearing a suit and tie…

Professionally, I’m a customer-focused marketing and strategy leader with extensive technical and business knowledge, international experience, public speaking experience, entrepreneurial hands-on attitude, and experience at both startup and large high-tech companies.

I have a unique combination of experience — product marketing and management, product and business strategy, business development, marketing communications, financial analysis, and hardware/software development. This enables me to quickly understand your products, technology, competition, customers, and market segment. The results are market-leading, innovative product and business solutions that increase revenue.

Personally, I have a great sense of humor and am rare in that I like both cats and dogs. Being insanely curious with an engineering background, I’m always reading and researching to understand new things. Everyone should read “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” at least once a year to keep things in perspective.

Product marketing expertise includes scaling up existing business, finding adjacent products and markets to increase revenue, planning and executing strategies, go-to-market planning and launch, competitive analysis, providing leadership and mentoring, forecasting, building agile teams, and delivering value-based sales collateral (white papers, videos, brochures, presentations, etc.).

Corporate marketing expertise includes managing marketing channels (websites, blogs, trade shows, events, email, social media), creating value-based content for marketing channels, increasing brand awareness, improving lead generation and customer retention, creating evangelists, budgeting, public relations, and articulating company vision.